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  • Legendary Creatures


    Legendary Creatures

    Legendary Creatures is a deck and resource management game where you cleverly combine your creatures’ abilities, magic spells, and powerful amulets in a race through four elemental realms. However watch out: as you maneuver for mastery in one realm your opponents may steal the lead in another.
    Legendary Creatures on Kickstarter

  • Herbaceous



    Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
    Herbaceous on Facebook

  • Heroes & Tricks

    Heroes & Tricks

    An on-the-go, card game like you’ve never played before designed with Jon Gilmour! Unique, play anywhere, custom box.
    Heroes & Tricks on Facebook

  • GemPacked Cards

    Fun with The Geminos

    A gem crafting, color blending, card game.

  • The Siblings Trouble

    Time for Adventure!

    Go on an epic, 30-minute adventure in this card-driven, cooperative, storytelling game inspired by childhood imagination. 2-4 Players.


  • Lift Off! – Get me off this Planet!

    Get Me Off This Planet!

    Lift Off! is a “gateway” game where you race to get your Aliens off the planet before it explodes!

  • Murder of Crows

    A Murder Most Fowl…

    Uncover a murder most fowl by revealing six story elements that spell the word MURDER.

  • Let’s Talk.

      If you have a project you’d like to discuss, or have questions about my work, drop me a line. I’m always open to connect.